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Common Habits That Make You Gain Weight

There are so many things we do unintentionally which can cause gain in weight. In a world so wide, it is impractical to be aware and conscious about everything that can harm our body. But it is also untrue that we can’t take care of ourselves with the little care and attention our body needs. Here are some common habits that might be secretly causing you to gain weight.

Insufficient intake of water

Drinking less water increases the feeling of thirst. This feeling is mistaken as hunger and to kill that hunger we eat something or drink carbonated drinks. This adds extra calories to our body. Therefore, make sure you don’t skip water intervals. If you dislike plain water, add some flavor to it with fruit slices.

Eating too quickly

Today, people are involved in more than one thing at a time and therefore, they end up multitasking while eating.  Our bodies take time to send a message of fullness to the brain. By eating fast, we eat more food than required for the body. Make a conscious effort to slow down eating, chew a bit longer and you might stop gaining excess weight.

Too much sitting

Sitting is one of the most dangerous things in today’s time. Lack of movement can reduce metabolism and also result in higher risk of chronic diseases. If you have long working hours, you need to take out time to at least walk for an hour or even perform exercises to keep your body healthy.

Watching while eating

With Netflix and other apps at one’s disposal, eating time has become more entertaining. But this poses a great risk to your health as your attention would be towards watching and you’d eat more than what your body needs. It is important that you remove any sort of distraction during your eating time to ensure you eat only what is needed.

It’s time to review your lifestyle and change the ways that are not helping you stay healthy. Start today!


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