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SUNOVA BIOSLIM - Weight Management Formula
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SUNOVA BIOSLIM - Weight Management Formula

(20 customer reviews)

It helps the body to burn fat and effectively manage it.


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Did You Know?
Garcinia cambogia and green coffee beans have been known to help regulate weight. Both these ingredients are natural and help the body to burn fat and effectively manage it. Apart from helping you manage body weight, these ingredients have a plethora of other health benefits.  Sunova Bioslim is a proprietary blend of these two herbal ingredients and aids in body fat regulation. Fat loss and burning belly fat is a matter of balance between dietary intake coupled with the right supplements. If weight management is the goal, a full-body workout for about 30 minutes a day, with proper protein intake and the right weight management supplement, will help you get started. 
Who is it for

Sunova Bioslim is developed with a proprietary blend of Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Beans. These herbal extracts are known to promote and support natural weight management. Piper nigrum has been added to the mix to improve the blend’s bioavailability. 

Made of all-natural ingredients, Sunova Bioslim is a natural health supplement that helps manage weight and balance metabolism without causing any side effects. 

The key ingredients of the health supplement are Garcinia cambogia and green coffee beans, with a hint of piper nigrum. A tropical fruit, Garcinia Cambogia, is most commonly used to regulate weight & diabetes. The fruit is known to curb hunger naturally and improve metabolism, while green coffee beans are known for managing blood sugar levels naturally and are a powerful antioxidant. 

  • Can help regulate your metabolism
  • Can work as a natural body weight regulator
  • Helps manage fat accumulation in the body
  • Can control appetite naturally
*This supplement is 100% natural and vegan. There are no known side effects.


& Tested




Natural Extract


Natural Extract



Years of Experience

Key Ingredients

Garcinia Cambogia

It can help regulate blood sugar levels, curb appetite naturally and help in weight management.

Green Coffee Beans

Known to aid in metabolism regulation & improve overall health. Green coffee beans also help stabilize sugar levels in your body & keep a watch on your weight. The beans aid in boosting the metabolism so that the fat gets burned and does not start getting stored in the body.

Piper Nigrum

This ingredient helps you improve your metabolism and adds to the benefits of Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Beans, helping SunovaBioslim leave an enduring effect.
Key Ingredients
What it works best with?
  • Health supplements like Sunova Bioslim should preferably be paired with exercises to see better results.
  • To experience the benefits of Sunova Bioslim and get quick results, make some dietary changes.
  • Drink plenty of water during the day and maintain an active lifestyle.
What Our Product Doesn't Do
  • Since it isn't a miracle pill, Sunova Bioslim doesn’t promise quick results within a stipulated time. Patience, dedication, and perseverance are required to achieve better results.
  • Being a herbal medicine, Sunova Bioslim has no post-consumption side effects.
Key Ingredients
How to Consume
  • One Tablet Twice a Day
  • Half Hours Before Meals
  • Made with 100% natural ingredients.
  • Does not have any additives & Is a cruelty-free Vegan product.
  • Ingredients used are known to help manage weight naturally.
  • Sunova Bioslim is made with naturally sourced ingredients.
  • Contains artificial ingredients.
  • Can contain colour and chemical additives.
  • The ingredients used could or could not lead to natural weight management.
  • There’s no information on where the ingredients have been sourced from.
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Manufacturing country: India

Marketed by: Sunova Products - Dr. Willmar Schwabe India Pvt Ltd.

Country of origin: India

Registered office address: A-36, Sector 60, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, Pin-201304, India

Expiry/Best before: 24 Months

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Why our customers love us?

20 reviews for SUNOVA BIOSLIM – Weight Management Formula

  1. Priya Singh

    Sunova Bioslim is very good Product its Effective & Safe 7 Very Good price compare to green coffee & Garcinia

  2. Harninder Singh

    It is natural effective product. I loose 2 kg in one month without any exercise and dieting.

  3. Mukesh Khanna

    I had lost all hopes to lose weight. My obesity was becoming a problem for my health. Somebody told me about Sunova’s natural herbal products for weight loss, and they did not disappoint me.

  4. Pankaj Verma

    My mom was over 70 kgs in her most solemn, and she began to develop health issues, but I planned to buy slimming tablets by Sunova and it completely helped in managing the weight of my mother.

  5. Swati

    helps me so much for loosen my weight

  6. Kanak

    helped me alot and also helped me to maintain my body

  7. Karan

    These herbal products for weight loss have changed my life.

  8. Radhika

    Value for money… And it easy to swallow.. It has helped me a lot… I would recommend it…

  9. Pavan

    I would recommend to try Sunova and buy green coffee beans online. It increased my energy and boosted my metabolism.

  10. Sonu

    Sunova Bioslim never lets me down with its herbal weight loss supplements.

  11. Manish

    I have tried various weight loss programs. Sunova provides the best herbal products for weight loss. Great product.

  12. Saurabh

    Super I like it

  13. Ananya

    I am a happy customer of sunova. the product bioslim, has given me the best results I could ever get. I am really satisfied.

  14. Shubham

    I have seen my sister using for a long time and it give good results.

  15. Archana

    I have used many weight loss products but the herbal weight loss products by sunova has the most promising results so far.

  16. Devansh

    My sister always buy weight loss products online from sunova. She is happy from the results.

  17. Ananya

    I have seen one of my close friends buy weight loss products from sunova. She has priased this brand a lot.

  18. Maya

    This product is very effective. it has given me positive results.

  19. Amir Siddiqui

    Bioslim is the best product if you are looking away to manage your weight. The results are not instant, but it does work gradually.

  20. Anil Sharma

    I ordered Sunova’s herbal weight loss products 2 months back for my motherin-law and let me tell you, the results are amazing.

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You got Questions? We got Answers

1. What is Sunova Bioslim?

Sunova Bioslim is scientifically formulated combination of standardized Garcinia Cambogia extract, Green coffee bean extract & Piper nigrum extract which works synergistically to get desired results .It prevents the conversion of excess carbohydrates into fat & speeds up metabolism.

2. Who should take Sunova Bioslim?

Sunova Bioslim is intended for both men and women looking for an effective weight loss/management formula.

3. Does Sunova Bioslim contains any Heavy metals?

No. Sunova Bioslim is Heavy metal free and HPLC Tested.

4. How long will it take to show result?

Result may vary from person to person lifestyle and diet.

5. How many tablets should be taken in a day?

Recommended use is one tablet twice a day, preferably half an hour before meals.

6. How long will it take to see the results with Bioslim?

Initial results can be observed from the first week of use but for better-desired results, we recommend Bioslim for at least 3 months along with regular exercise & fat free healthy diet.

7. Are there any Harmful effects of Sunova Bioslim?

There are no harmful or known side effects.

8. What to remember while taking Sunova Bioslim?

Water intake to be increased for better absorption of ingredients.

9. For how long Sunova Bioslim can be taken?

Sunova Bioslim is derived from all natural tested ingredients so entirely safe therefore it can be taken for the longer period of time without any harmful effects.

10. Have clinical studies been done?

Yes, only clinically evaluated ingredients have been used in formulation after exhaustive research.

11. Why is Sunova Bioslim different from other market variants?

As standardized ingredients of the best quality, Garcinia Cambogia ext standardized to 60% HCA, Green coffee Bean ext standardized to 50% chlorogenic acid & Piper nigrum ext standardized to 95% Piperine,which increases the efficiency of product almost five times have been used in formulation.

12. Is there any adverse effect on Thyroid & Diabetes?

No adverse effects. On the contrary, it is beneficial in both conditions.

13. What can be done for further better results?

Replace sugar intake with natural sweetener (Stevia) Sunova Dr. Shugar and avoid junk and oily food.

14. Is it safe for obese children like above 10 years?

Yes! Tablet can be crushed and dissolved in a glass of water if difficult to swallow.