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Does Digestive Enzymes helps in Weight Loss

Do Digestive Enzymes help in Weight Loss?

What are Enzymes? Enzymes are protein molecules produced by the cells of all animals, plants and living organisms. There are specialized proteins to perform different functions. For example, an enzyme can synthesize chemicals, rearrange molecules or add substances to compounds. An enzyme needs a specific substance to work on; if the substance is unavailable, the […]

Is it safe to have Spirulina while Pregnant

Is It Safe to Have Spirulina While Pregnant?

What is Spirulina?  Spirulina is a blue-green alga known to be one of the oldest life forms in the World. It flourishes and blooms naturally in alkaline lakes around the World. They are now lab-grown to limit the heavy metal poisoning from the water source. It has an earthy, seaweed-like taste and gives a bluish-green […]

Keto diet

Does the Keto Diet Really Work for Weight Loss?

What is the Keto Diet? The ketogenic or keto diet is a diet plan that focuses on high-fat foods and strictly restricts the intake of carbohydrates. In this form of dieting, about 70 percent of calories are derived from fat, moderate levels of protein, and less than 50 grams of carbohydrates a day. The main […]

9 Foods and Drinks to Avoid with Diabetes

9 Foods and Drinks to Avoid with Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic metabolic disorder in which the body does not produce sufficient insulin or if there is a defect in the insulin uptake by cells. It can affect almost all age groups, children and adults worldwide. It is not curable, but it can be controlled and managed through medication, lifestyle adjustments, and management […]

10 Tips for Dealing with Digestive Problems in Everyday Life

10 Tips for Dealing with Digestive Problems in Everyday Life

How to Manage Everyday Digestive Problems?  Digestive issues are irksome, leading to potential embarrassments and frequent digestion related problems. Such issues are the result of infection or bacteria in food. Alternatively, it could also be a byproduct of certain medications or medical conditions like IBS, colitis and Crohn’s disease. But regardless of the cause, anyone […]

Treat Hormonal Imbalance

Treat Hormonal Imbalance The Natural Way! Even if you don’t know Ayurveda.

Hormones are released through endocrine glands and often travel from the bloodstream to various body parts. Meanwhile, it regulates the functions of organs and tissues. These are also our body’s chemical messengers. If your endocrine system starts secreting less or an excess of hormones, it can cause a hormonal imbalance in the body. However, sometimes […]

Simple Habits to Keep the Liver Healthy and Detox with Ayurveda

Simple Habits to Keep the Liver Healthy and Detox with Ayurveda

The liver is one of the most important organs of our body. Although the organ is often forgotten about, it performs many crucial functions that keep you healthy. Amongst its numerous benefits, the liver helps in clearing out toxins from your body, aids in producing bile, and provides your body with plenty of energy.  Just […]

Can you cure diabetes permanently

Can You Cure Diabetes Permanently?

The number of people diagnosed with Diabetes has been steadily growing every year. And India has been placed the first– with the tag “The diabetes capital of the world.” Ever wondered what attributes to the sudden hike? Well, many! But the changing environment, lifestyle factors, and food consumption patterns are leading the forefront to add […]


Shilajit: Benefits, Uses & Side Effects

Shilajit is a powerful herb that is even mentioned as a mineral pitch at times due to its ability to sort out numerous health issues. But, do you know what it comprises in terms of benefits, uses, and the side effects it can have? Let’s have a detailed look at how it helps: Shilajit is […]


5 Ways to Boost Your Body’s Natural Defenses

Since we have been dealing with the pandemic for over two years now, taking care of the body’s immunity is not just important, but it’s the need of the hour. In recent times, boosting your body’s natural defence system is given priority over everything else. But how do you boost the body’s natural defenses when […]