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13 Benefits of Using Ayurvedic Oils for Joint Pain

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Joint pains are as debilitating as they are common. We all know of someone around us who may be suffering from chronic joint pains. All of us have had a brush with painful joints one time or other, be it due to illness, injury, deficiencies, or simply bad posture. 

It is therefore not surprising that more than 180 million people in India suffer from chronic joint pains, and the number is not expected to reduce any time soon. Both men and women are affected by this problem, although women are more likely to be affected by arthritic problems. 

The notion that joint pains are a problem of old age is a misleading one. Young people suffer from painful joints just as much – although the causation in their case may be different. Different types of arthritis affect different age groups, for example, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis is a problem of children exclusively, while rheumatoid arthritis mainly affects women in their middle age.

As people grapple with allopathic drugs and medications to reduce their joint pains and obtain relief, the knowledge that allopathic medications may not be beneficial in the long run has also become common. People are now increasingly wary of the side effects and dependency that prolonged intake of allopathic medications may cause. This makes them search for other options and alternatives to treat their joint troubles. 

Fortunately, India has for centuries believed in the traditional and ancient system of medicine. It is also fortunate that over the years science and research have only helped to strengthen these beliefs as more and more benefits of the traditional system of healing become clear.

For long have Indians relied on herbs and herbal solutions to treat most of their health problems, and to see this traditional method of healing achieve high marks on scientific grounds is extremely gratifying. The future is bright for alternative healthcare, and those who rely solely on herbal medicines are likely to receive further proofs that their faith in alternative medicine is not unfounded. 

Coming back to joint pains, the herbal method of treatment involves either the intake of herbal capsules or tablets or the application of ayurvedic pain relief oil. For problems of bone and joint pains, herbal oils are more popular than capsules and tablets. These are gently applied over the affected area and results can be seen in a matter of minutes.

Let us now discuss thirteen benefits of using ayurvedic oils for joint pains

1. Provide quick relief

The active compounds and herbal raw materials that are contained in the ayurvedic joint pain relief oil are selected based on their efficiency in reducing pain promptly. These oils, therefore, provide quick and immediate relief from the pain when applied to the affected area, as these are quickly absorbed and rapid in their action.

2. Help reduce inflammation

Most components of ayurvedic pain relief oils are strong anti-inflammatories (for example, turmeric). These, therefore, reduce inflammation in the affected area. As the inflammation reduces, pain, stiffness, and swelling subside so that prompt relief from the pain is obtained.

3. Improve blood flow

Gentle massage with ayurvedic pain relief oil on the affected area helps to improve blood circulation and blood flow. Improved blood flow improves oxygenation and removes painful substances from the joint spaces, thereby providing efficient relief from pain.

4. Improve mobility

As the ayurvedic pain relief oil works on the affected joint, it reduces stiffness and thereby improves mobility. Regular application of the pain relief oil on the affected joint can help regain full mobility in the joint in most cases.

5. Help in the prevention of deformities (sclerotic changes, nodosities)

Chronic joint problems very commonly cause deformities in the long run. Rheumatoid arthritis is especially notorious for causing joint deformities. Regular usage of ayurvedic pain relief oil can help to prevent such deformities and keep the joint mobile. Accumulation of urates, sclerotic changes, formation of nodosities, etc. in the joint can be prevented by these herbal applications.

6. Help in relieving stiffness

Ayurvedic oils for pain relief work to reduce inflammation, improve blood flow and thereby also reduce the joint stiffness that is commonly associated with joint complaints. Many joint problems are accompanied by stiffness that may be worse in the mornings. These may or may not resolve on the continued motion. Herbal pain relief oils reduce this stiffness and the associated disability very efficiently.

7. They cause no skin reactions

The application of ayurvedic herbal oils over painful joints is also beneficial as their herbal components are gentle on the skin and do not irritate the area. The risk of allergic dermatitis is minimal with ayurvedic oils and skin reactions are barely seen.

8. Easily available

Ayurvedic herbal oils are easily available at pharmacies and ayurvedic dispensaries. In today’s times, the option to purchase medication online has made procuring these products even easier.

9. They are affordable

Ayurvedic products are affordable as one bottle of oil purchased can be used for quite some time. They do not expire readily and value for money can be obtained with ayurvedic products.

10. Highly effective for sports injuries

Ayurvedic oil for joint pains, as well as ayurvedic muscle pain relief oil, can be especially helpful to athletes and sportspersons as injuries are a common part of their lives. These ayurvedic herbal oils help in cases of sprains, strains, etc., and provide quick relief to hasten recovery.

11. Useful for chronic diseases

Chronic diseases such as back problems, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis are problems that have a long and relapsing course. They recur every few months and become aggravated in certain conditions. Chronic diseases require long-term medication that may not always be possible with allopathy due to fear of side effects. In such conditions, ayurvedic treatment is a welcome option to obtain relief from disabling pains.

Ayurvedic oils, being free of side effects, can help in these conditions to reduce pain and over the course of the time limit the progress of the disease. This helps the person to enjoy a better quality of life and remain as free of pain and disability as possible.

12. Useful for avoiding surgeries

Certain joint pathologies progress to such a state that surgery appears inevitable. For example, severe osteoarthritis of a joint may cause such a loss of function that joint replacement is the only solution. Such an irreversible state of the joints can be avoided by using ayurvedic joint pain relief oils from early on.

The use of these herbal remedies from an early stage can limit the progress of the disease so that this stage of joint replacement is avoided. Regular usage of ayurvedic herbal oils may help to delay surgery and even prevent it altogether in some cases.

13. Help in strengthening the joint and associated structures

Ayurvedic oils are designed in such a way that their components have the most beneficial action on the painful joint. With regular use these herbal ingredients of the ayurvedic oil help to provide strength and efficiency to the joint and associated structures like the synovial membrane, cartilages, ligaments, tendons, etc. The result is that regular application makes the joint much stronger and mobile.

We have thus discussed a long list of benefits that can be obtained by using ayurvedic herbal oils for obtaining relief from pain, stiffness, and inflammation of joints. Let us now have a look at some common herbs and herbal components that are used in preparing these extremely effective pain relief oils.

  • Boswellia serrata: Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, Boswellia is a favorite when it comes to herbs for joint pains. It has been seen to be effective even in arthritic troubles and helps reduce joint complaints significantly.
  • Eucalyptus: Widely found in India, Eucalyptus extracts are frequently herbal joint pain relief oiled in herbal joint pain relief oils as they help reduce pain and swelling on the affected joint.
  • Turmeric: The utility of turmeric cannot be ignored when it comes to joint complaints. Being an excellent anti-inflammatory, it readily provides relief from inflammation and associated pain over the affected joint and has a long list of benefits to accompany this action. 
  • Ashwagandha: It has been used since ancient times for its anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant properties, and helps provide strength and vitality also.
  • Shallaki: This herb is known especially for relieving joint pains and improving blood flow in the affected joint.
  • Gaultheria: This is another herb known to effectively relieve joint pains by virtue of its anti-inflammatory action.
  • Flax seeds: These are helpful in reducing inflammation and thereby providing relief from pain. Additionally, these are also excellent immune boosters.
  • Olive oil: Whilst not technically a herb, olive oil finds its use in most herbal pain relief oils owing to its prompt pain-relieving action. It is much helpful in strengthening joints and improving blood circulation.

A variety of other herbs are useful for obtaining relief from joint pains. Prudent usage of ayurvedic oils at the right time can help in significantly improving the quality of life whilst minimizing the usage of conventional medicines.  

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