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Green Coffee Beans: Benefits, Weight Management and Side Effects

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With the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic gaining momentum around us, we have been, once again, locked in our homes for an indefinite time. There are plenty of issues that arise out of this unexpected restriction, and our health is a major one among those.

People’s fitness routines have been affected badly due to the pandemic, and staying at home is only adding to the stress. Whether it be going to the gym or simply jogging or walking around their house, people have found themselves cut off from these healthy activities. Add to this the mental stress of living in uncertain times, and it is, therefore, no surprise that many of us have accumulated extra kilos.

There are plenty of alternative exercises and options that are now gaining popularity as these can be done from the confines of the home. Be it stretching exercises, yoga, or diets, people are willing to try most things if they can find prompt results to control their weight. In this situation, it is important to select a method of losing weight that works efficiently without causing any harm or adverse effect on the body. 

Green coffee beans have gained popularity over the years as an effective weight loss option that requires minimal to no effort. Green coffee beans are unroasted coffee beans, and their extract is generally sold as a weight loss supplement.

The active ingredient (or alkaloid) in these green coffee beans is obviously caffeine. This caffeine is mostly responsible for the multitude of effects we see on their intake. Over the years as green coffee beans gained popularity, research has also focused on understanding the efficacy of their action.

Benefits of green coffee beans

Green coffee beans are not beneficial merely as a weight loss supplement. There are other benefits associated with regular use that make them just as attractive. Let us discuss these benefits. 

  • Green coffee beans help maintain our blood sugar levels and they are known to favorably impact our glucose metabolism.
  • Being rich in antioxidants, green coffee beans promote the healing and recovery of body tissues and prevent degeneration.
  • Green coffee beans help smoothen out and regulate the metabolic rate of the body. People with sluggish metabolism find it difficult to lose weight. As green coffee beans enhance the metabolic rate, weight loss becomes easier.
  • Green coffee beans help to reduce sugar cravings and thereby control appetite. This is a direct action by which they help to control one’s weight.
  • Green coffee beans are known to regulate cholesterol metabolism and prevent the deposition of cholesterol in arteries. This way they also help maintain healthy blood pressure. 
  • People who regularly take green coffee beans claim that these help in sharpening their minds and providing energy and vitality. They provide alertness and increased mental agility and help improve the attention span. 

Weight Management with green coffee beans

A significant number of people claim to have been benefitted from the usage of green coffee beans for their weight management. Studies have found that people who were given green coffee beans extract ended up losing at least some weight as compared to the control group who were only given a placebo (this when no other weight loss technique was additionally used). It is, therefore, safe to say that taking green coffee beans can help to reduce weight, and adding them to a healthy diet and exercise regimen can increase the benefits manifold.

Green coffee beans can either be purchased solid and then ground in a coffee grinder if you have one, or you can simply purchase green coffee beans extract that is now available in plenty. You can either take those in the form of simple green coffee, or you can get creative and try new methods of taking them. 

Green coffee can also be taken mixed with cinnamon, turmeric, honey, mint leaves, or even ginger. All of these have their own benefits to add to green coffee’s efficacy. 

The best time to take green coffee is in the morning, before your breakfast. Another suitable time is before working out, or in the evening along with a healthy snack. It is best to avoid green coffee right after meals. Also, an excess of green coffee should be avoided as it may adversely affect the metabolism. It is best to limit the intake of green coffee to a maximum of three cups a day. 

Let us now discuss the possible side effects of green coffee intake. 

Green Coffee Beans Side Effects

As with any herbal remedy, the side effects are mainly due to the amount taken. As mentioned, more than three cups of green coffee a day may be harmful. As the active ingredient in green coffee is caffeine, the side effects are mainly due to an excess of caffeine in the bloodstream. 

The effects of excess caffeine are mostly seen on the nervous system. The person may report irritability, restlessness, loss of sleep, nausea and vomiting, increased heart and respiratory rate, and even an upset stomach. However, these side effects are mostly seen at high levels of caffeine intake and are not usually met. 

Women who are pregnant or nursing should avoid taking an excess of coffee.

For people on chronic medications, the dosage is significant. It is best to consult your doctor before you start any herbal remedy. You must also begin with a smaller dose and only increase it to a moderate amount gradually. Remember that any new addition to your diet must be discontinued immediately if any adverse reactions are seen. 


We have therefore seen that the benefits of green coffee beans are best obtained when taken in moderation, and for a regular period. These benefits are multiplied manifold when combined with a healthy diet and a consistent exercise routine. Together these can help one to lose weight in a healthy manner without resorting to fad diets and erratic eating patterns that may be dangerous to health in the long run.

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