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Know How Black Pepper Helps Strengthen Your Weak Bones & Gives Relief From Joint Discomfort?

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Joint discomfort is one of the most common and discomforting health issues faced by most adults in the middle and above age group. A joint is a physical place in our body where two or bones meet, and there are several joints in our body. So, when we say that our joints hurt, it often has a thing or two to do with the underlying bones.

Bones and Joints

Our bones are living tissues that constantly get broken down and replaced. However, as we age, our body’s ability to store calcium in the bones gradually starts reducing, as it tends to reabsorb these minerals from our bones. This eventually makes our bones weaker and more likely to break or fracture at the slightest opportunity. Females tend to experience it earlier and more often, due to hormonal issues.

Why is Maintaining Bone Health Important?

All said and done, it is important to ensure that our bones remain as healthy as possible, regardless of our age. They hold our bodies together and allow movement, thus giving us the freedom to move around and participate in various daily activities. Therefore, we must make sure to take good care of our bones, before the cry for help arrives. Let us go natural, and learn about the role black pepper plays in boosting our bone health!

Black Pepper Could Help

Black pepper is obtained from the dried berries of a vine called Piper nirgum. The berries are dried and stored as peppercorns, which are later crushed to produce black pepper powder. Ayurveda, the age-old science of alternative healthcare has often referred to this spice to promote good health. In fact, this versatile spice often appears among the category of the ‘king of spices’, owing much to its impressive healing quotient.

Black pepper is a spice that goes with almost every dish and is often sprinkled on top of salads and soups to make them mildly spicy and flavorsome, and add a certain kick.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Tips to Build Healthy Bones

  • Eating lots of fresh, seasonal vegetables
  • Intake of sufficient amount of proteins
  • Eating high calcium food, and also getting plenty of vitamin D to absorb the same.
  • Also include more vitamin K, Omega-3s, Magnesium, and Zinc in your diet
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Indulge in an active lifestyle that involves physical activity and some working out on daily basis.

Health Benefits of Black Pepper

As discussed earlier, black pepper is way more therapeutic in nature than we give it the credit for. Apart from enhancing the flavor of food, it also imparts us with an impressive range of healing and health-promoting benefits.

Piperine, the bioactive compound found in black pepper, is an effective anti-inflammatory agent, one that is natural and more or less readily available. It holds the potential to inhibit the inflammation activator proteins. And while its healing and disease-fighting properties are well known, we must also mention its anti-arthritic and analgesic properties here.

People experiencing arthritis or any related joint issue are recommended to supplement their diet with this wonder of an herb or spice that benefits the bones. In fact, when used in combination with turmeric, the benefits become manifold. Let’s learn why.

Curcumin, the key active ingredient found in turmeric, is extremely beneficial but hardly absorbable in our bodies. And when taken along with Piperine, the same Curcumin becomes more bio-available, and hence, more beneficial.

This goes a long way in fighting inflammation, thus relieving us from the pain and discomfort associated with joint issues. So, when it comes to using turmeric or black pepper to relieve joint issues, these two are definitely ‘better together, any given day.

Packed with Antioxidants

Black pepper comes loaded with a variety of antioxidants. These antioxidants help fight the free radicals in our body and prevent the damage caused by oxidation. The oxidation process is directly associated with causing various health issues in our body, including inflammation. When we talk about joint disorders, inflammation is usually the primary factor.

Piperine, one of the potent antioxidants found in black pepper, plays a major role in fighting the inflammation-causing free radicals and goes a long way in preventing the onset of various inflammatory disorders in our body. And therefore, black pepper is right to be regarded as an amazing anti-inflammatory agent.

Other Uses of Black Pepper

  • Helps regulate blood sugar levels
  • Helps in lowering cholesterol levels.
  • Aids the gut health
  • This spice also boosts brain function and cognitive activity.


Sunova Joint Care Capsules helps in cartilage generation by restoring damaged joints and strengthening weak bones. It gives relief from joint discomfort. It contains 7.5mg Black Pepper (P. Nigrum, Ft) extract (Standardized to 95% Piperine) along with other clinically proven ingredients.

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