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Are Herbal Supplements Effective? Know The Real Benefits Of Herbal Supplements

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For Indians, the system of herbal medicine is neither a novelty nor unknown. India has been employing the herbal art of medicine for hundreds of years now. Herbs that traditionally helped with specific disease conditions still hold this capacity today, and the use of herbs to maintain health is not just a passing fad. We are closer to the herbal system of medicines than we think.

Every Indian household has believed in some form of home remedy or herbal solution to different problems, and these results are generally consistent and reproducible. For example, the use of Tulsi for problems such as sore throat, cold, and cough is popular in India. Research has also proven the efficacy of Tulsi (holy basil) for treating upper respiratory tract infections and in increasing the platelet count. Therefore, this healing property of Tulsi is supported by both experience and scientific data.

Herbal health supplements are also rampantly popular in India because of the belief in herbal treatment. Herbal health supplements are medicines or nutritional supplements that are prepared from natural, herbal sources used as raw material and do not contain significant amounts of synthetic compounds. They are based on herbal active principles utilized in different combinations to achieve the desired results. 

Some of the reasons for the popularity of herbal supplements in India are:

  • The confidence that herbal supplements do not have any side effects has made them extremely popular among people wary of taking allopathic medications.
  • Herbal supplements can be safely used for a long time, as opposed to allopathic drugs that may be harmful for chronic use.
  • Herbal supplements are easily available in the Indian market and they are economical. Plus, they have the added advantage of anonymity- you can buy a supplement discreetly for ailments that one may be modest about.
  • Herbal supplements are available for a wide range of problems. Be it herbal supplements to boost immune system or herbal remedies for sexual troubles, products are many and manufacturers are also plenty. In simple words, there is something for everyone. 

It is therefore not surprising that the manufacture and sale of herbal supplements are significant in India. 

Benefits of Taking Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplements can help manage many illnesses and can minimize the use of allopathic medicines. Here are some of the real benefits of herbal supplements:

  • Herbal supplements not only treat the condition that they are designed to treat, but the presence of herbs and natural ingredients means that they have additional advantages as well. Regular usage of herbal supplements helps boost immunity, provide vitality and strength, prevent infections, detoxify the body and maintain health in general. People who have mostly taken herbal remedies are found to be at better health status than those on chronic allopathic medications.
  • Prolonged usage of herbal supplements provides benefits to the body, and it also fights the tendency to develop a problem in the first place. This is in contrast to allopathic drugs that may be harmful if taken for a long time.
  • Herbal supplements are barely seen to have any side effects. Generally, these supplements are safe for everyone, unless stated otherwise. 
  • The constituents of herbal supplements not only treat the problem they are designed to treat but also impart their own antioxidant, immune-boosting, revitalizing, and detoxifying properties to the supplement. 
  • Herbal remedies help tone the digestive process and are helpful in smoothing out digestion and metabolism.
  • Certain conditions such as pregnancy may be a contraindication for some allopathic drugs, in such cases, herbal alternatives can be useful.

It is therefore evident that the utility of herbal supplements is very vast. Here are some examples of conditions in which herbal supplements have an exceptionally important role to play:

  • To boost the immune system in both children and adults, herbal supplements are unmatched in efficacy.
  • Herbal supplements are helpful for memory problems, boosting learning efficiency and enhancing brain function.
  • Herbal supplements are useful for regulating metabolism, improving hormonal balance, and enhancing digestive and liver function.
  • Herbal supplements help in improving sexual function.
  • Herbal supplements are also helpful in female troubles such as menstrual abnormalities, hormonal disturbances, etc.

There is a wide range of health conditions that can be positively benefitted and managed by herbal supplements. It is best to choose genuine quality products that are made from authentic sources and are free of contamination. One must always be cautious of dosage, repetition, and contra-indications if any. 

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