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7 Tips for Anxiety Relief & Management

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Living in a fast-paced competitive world like ours is not easy. Almost every one of us has felt anxiety gripping our minds at one point or another. Be it something as simple as attending a class test or something terrifying as facing the biggest dilemma of our lives, anxiety descends upon us in several ways.

While many of us try to take things in stride and move on, some find it hard to get over the feeling of anxiousness and hyper stress. It’s suffocating and makes us feel helpless. Over time, this manifests as anxiety disorder and paralyzes people from living normal lives. Even the slightest of issues make them anxious. Some things trigger a full-blown panic attack.

According to a report by Our World in Data in 2018, there were 284 million anxious people around the world. A whopping 63% of them were female, while 37% were male. Many of them buy stress relief products online and most often without consulting a doctor. They try to keep anxiety at bay by relying on medication. However, the root problem stays unsolved. We don’t know what the triggers are, and we don’t know how to prevent the triggers from affecting us.

While medication has its advantages, it is important to understand what causes anxiety and how we can naturally control it to lead happier lives. Combining natural techniques and herbal plant-based medication can give better results. Learn to have more control over emotions like worry, fear, agitation, panic and stress that can cause anxiety disorders.

Do you know that anxiety disorders show themselves in different ways? Some common anxiety disorders are:

  • Phobias
  • Social anxiety
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Panic disorder
  • Hoarding

Body-focused anxiety disorder behaviour (pulling hair, biting nails, hurting oneself, etc.)

In this blog, seven ways to manage anxiety and lead stress-free lives are discussed. Let’s look at some of the best anti-stress remedies that include plant-based medicines and lifestyle changes to keep anxiety at bay.

1. Body Management and Physical Exercise

Exercising has countless benefits to offer. Reducing anxiety is one benefit of exercising and having more control over the body. There’s no need to become a fitness junkie or spend half the day at the gym. Start with something as simple as walking, jogging or running every day.

Take time out in the morning or evening to walk or run for 20-30 minutes. Gradually increase the time and add warm-up exercises and light stretches to the list. Exercising eases the feelings of anxiety and replaces them with positive emotions. It’ll also help to get a good night’s sleep.

2. Dietary Management – Reduce Caffeine and Alcohol

Type of food can ease or build up anxiety. Caffeine and alcohol are both known to increase anxiety when consumed in excess. They mess up sleep and cause further worry. Dieting and diet supplements also result in increased anxiety.

Eat light but healthy food rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and proteins. If medication is needed to control anxiety, ask the doctor to prescribe herbal medicine for anxiety. Plant-based herbal medicine is safer in the long term.

3. Plan Daily Worrying Schedule

Yes, allot a fixed time every day to think about the worries and work out the solutions. Once the time is up, forget about the worries and focus on work/life for the rest of the day. This approach prevents mulling over fears 24*7 without feeling any kind of relief.

It’ll also help if someone doesn’t push themselves to be a perfectionist and accept that it’s okay to make a few mistakes. We can’t control everything, and knowing this will ease some stress off our shoulders.

4. Be Aware of Fears

Recognising fear is the prime step to controlling them. Understand that every one of us fears something or another. Accept that certain things make us afraid. Acknowledging them doesn’t make us weaker. Rather, it gives us control over fears as we know what to expect.

By taking this first step, we will be more willing to focus on the next pointer we suggest and work effectively to reduce anxiety by finding appropriate solutions.

5. Identify Triggers

When we know we are afraid of something, we can try to understand the reason for it. What triggers this fear and anxiety in us? Identifying triggers has two advantages. Firstly, it helps to avoid the triggers (a short-term solution) until it can manage anxiety through breathing exercises or medication.

Secondly, it can introspect on the reasons for triggers and find solutions to nullify them. The aim is to not let the triggers push into a corner and overpower. We have to fight back and regain control but at our own pace.

6. Herbal Supplements

There are some best herbal supplements for anxiety, such as Ashwagandha, Chamomile, Lavender, Lemon Balm, etc., which helps to reduce anxiety. Consult a physician to choose the right supplement for the medical condition. Be careful not to trigger any other allergies or disorders by consuming medication without the doctor’s supervision. Don’t consume more than the prescribed dosage per day to speed up the process.

7. Social Support Groups

Talking about anxiety and fears with others will help to feel better. There are various support groups online and offline. We can also join community service to take our minds off our fears and work for a social cause.
This may not be an apt option if we have social anxiety. However, online support groups help socially anxious people.

Final Words

Learning about anxiety and strategically working to reduce it will help to lead a better and happier life. Have a proper sleep schedule, meditate, eat well, exercise and talk to someone who can understand us. Counselling sessions and herbal medication help people with high anxiety levels to gain more control over their fears and prevent anxiety attacks.

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