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Top 5 Good Habits for Optimal Health

Top 5 good habits for optimal health
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Modern life can often move so quickly that you hardly have time to stop and take a break. Therefore, it is crucial to give your health the attention it deserves. Particularly those who work 8 to 9 hours a day should always make time for their health. Moreover, being healthy makes it easier for someone to go about their regular activities without interruption. It is, therefore not very difficult to attain optimal health by taking a break from your busy schedule and following certain measures as described below.

  1. Stay Hydrated: Water makes up around 60% of the human body. Therefore, it’s essential to stay hydrated, consuming at least8 ounces i.e., 237 ml of water daily. Maintaining adequate water intake can support mental peace, concentration, and a happy mood. Water may also aid in weight loss by boosting calorie intake and keeping you satisfied. The majority of people experience chronic dehydration, which is the primary cause of several diseases. If you have trouble staying hydrated, consider drinking a glass of water before each meal. This makes you consume a minimum of a few glasses of water daily. Make sure your water is pure before drinking it because if it is not, you are consuming contaminants directly.

    Tips: Consuming lemon water before meals may aid in promoting and improving digestion along with maintaining good skin health.

  2. Sleep: Getting adequate sleep is crucial for maintaining good health and well-being. Sleep is as important to health as regular exercise and a healthy diet. Numerous vital processes occur when we sleep supporting the body’s physical restoration and repair, brain growth, heart function, body metabolism, learning, memory enhancement, and mood. Babies and young children require much more sleep than adults, as sleep is crucial to their growth and general health. Without adequate sleep, we are more prone to experience issues with our thinking, memory, response times, mood, and concentration, all of which make it more challenging to carry out our daily responsibilities and raise the possibility of mistakes and accidents. Regularly getting little or poor quality sleep relates to long-term health issues such asobesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular conditions, poor mental state, etc.

    Tips: The minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep is highly recommended for adults at night. Always maintain consistent bedtime/wake schedules daily, including weekends.

  3. Proper Eating Habits: Eating a healthy diet is all about feeling good, having more energy, enhancing your health, and elevating your mood. A person’s general health and well-being depends on having a good diet, regularly exercising, and maintaining a healthy weight. There is no denying the importance of a healthy diet in our life. You may be more susceptible to illnesses, infections, or even tiredness if you don’t keep a good diet for your body. In particular, the value of nourishing food for children must be emphasised because, in the absence of it, they run the risk of developing several growth and developmental issues. Heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes are some of the most prevalent health conditions carried by an unbalanced diet. Physical activity helps to manage various health issues and enhances mental health by lowering stress, depression, and discomfort. Metabolic syndrome, stroke, high blood pressure, arthritis, and anxiety can all be avoided with regular exercise.

    Tips: Always have breakfast in the morning, and develop the habit of eating healthy meals throughout the day.

4. Regular Exercise: Exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise lowers your risk of heart disease, reduces blood sugar levels, improves mental health, strengthens your bones and muscles, enhances sleep, and keeps you engaged along with many other benefits. Most significantly, regular exercise may raise your standard of living. You may get these advantages by exercising for no less than 30 minutes a day. Particularly for those who work from home, it is important to monitor your health. Stretchable exercise is particularly beneficial while taking a break from work since it maintains your body’s posture and protects against spinal injury.

Tips: Follow the 20-20-20 rule as much as possible. Every 20 minutes, set a timer to alert you to gaze away for a complete 20 seconds at anything that is around 20 feet away. It is much beneficial specifically for people who often work from home on a laptop or desktop. This will prevent eye strain.

5. Nutrition supplement: Many people utilize dietary supplements to make up for the dietary shortages in nutrients. Others use natural energy supplements to achieve specific wellness goals, such as herbal nutrition for disease prevention. Despite the fact that food is the main source of nourishment, occasionally a bad diet causes the body to lack certain nutrients. There are many different nutritional supplements in the market that are intended to cure a variety of health conditions, ranging from vitamin A to zinc and everything in between. Nutritional supplements are therefore easy to carry and ideal for giving the body instant energy.

Tips: Always look at recommended usage, expiry date, and dosage of the supplements before consuming them. However, it is recommended to consult your physician for supplement use, in case of any ongoing disease condition.

The bottom line

    Following the COVID pandemic, a person’s health is no longer to be taken for granted.Being healthy doesn’t cost anything. You may sustain a healthy lifestyle by making small, verifiable progress.Being healthy has a direct impact on living a productive life. The body’s various organs cooperate to function together. For the organs to function at their best, their health is crucial. Since it relates to being physically, psychologically, and socially healthy, being in excellent health is important. You finally benefit from great productivity in both your job and personal life.

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