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Ashwagandha: History, Benefits, Side Effects and How to Use

Ashwagandha is one of the most popular herbs used in Ayurvedic medicine and has a history dating back to several centuries. Commonly known as clustered winter cherry, Ashwagandha is a Sanskrit term meaning “the smell of a horse.” “Ashwa” is a horse, and “gandha” means smell. The plant gets its name because of the smelly […]


7 Tips for Anxiety Relief & Management

Living in a fast-paced competitive world like ours is not easy. Almost every one of us has felt anxiety gripping our minds at one point or another. Be it something as simple as attending a class test or something terrifying as facing the biggest dilemma of our lives, anxiety descends upon us in several ways. […]


Herbal Medicine Why do people use it

Herbal Medicines have been the medicine of choice for Indians for a long time. What began as a disjointed system of applying a few herbs here and there to obtain inconsistent relief has now evolved into an organized system of trustworthy healthcare. Today, herbal solutions exist for almost all non-surgical ailments both common and uncommon. […]