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Treat Hormonal Imbalance

Treat Hormonal Imbalance The Natural Way! Even if you don’t know Ayurveda.

Hormones are released through endocrine glands and often travel from the bloodstream to various body parts. Meanwhile, it regulates the functions of organs and tissues. These are also our body’s chemical messengers. If your endocrine system starts secreting less or an excess of hormones, it can cause a hormonal imbalance in the body. However, sometimes […]


10 Amazing Health Benefits of Curcumin

You may not know the name of curcumin. Even so, you would recognize it at a glance – curcumin is the pigment responsible for turmeric’s bright yellow color. According to Ayurveda, India’s ancient holistic tradition, turmeric is known as a healing food because of its high curcumin content. As shown in modern scientific research, turmeric’s […]