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The Rapid Evolution of Nutraceutical Industry in India with the Pandemic

Evolution fo Nutraceutical Industry
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Ever since the outburst of COVID-19, Indians’ perspective on healthcare has entirely changed. The global
pandemic has pushed the citizens to lay the importance on boosting their immunity with a nutritious
diet, turmeric, or following a routine regimen of adding supplements. The nutraceutical industry has evolved ever since.

The growing popularity of Nutraceutical products

Combined with the scientific advancements and rising interest of consumers, India has become one of
the countries that have experienced the growing demand for Nutraceutical products amid the
pandemic. The Nutraceutical industry has allowed pharmaceutical companies to produce consumer-
oriented products and foods with a trusted medical image. Compared to the prior pandemic, India has
seen a tremendous rise in the sale of Nutraceutical products due to their efficacy.

Almost 30% of Nutraceutical products have seen a surge in demand, including micronutrients ranging
from Zinc, Vitamin C, D, E, and other
dietary supplements. These medicines fulfill the body’s requirements that may not be consumed
otherwise in the everyday diet.

Another essential factor in choosing Nutraceutical is that the products have excellent safety profile on
human being. This has made it popular among youth, middle-aged, and the elderly. There is no denying
that these products are driving the unmatched growth of the industry in India. Here, the readers may
ask if this growth will stabilize or rise in the future.

The future of the Nutraceutical industry in India

Relying upon the information from numerous sources, India is set to rise in the future with the growing
demand for Nutraceutical products with its innumerable benefits. Multi-vitamins and Vitamin C are India’s most commonly prescribed supplements amid the pandemic.

Based on the facts, according to MRSS India (a market research organization), around $12 billion every
year is added to the global revenue coming directly from the Nutraceutical industry. According to
Transparency Market Research, the current value of India’s Nutraceutical market is around $600 million,
which is expected to rise by another $18 billion in the coming few years.

India has accumulated numerous areas that require Nutraceutical in multiple forms. From the growing
child who needs functional drinks and foods to work professionals who struggle with a lack of nutrients
and experience reduced productivity, nutrients are necessary for the human body at every stage.

The final thoughts

With the growing awareness of the existence of nutraceuticals, many have resorted to the easiest and
healthiest solution to their nutritional needs. Today, almost every Indian consumes a supplement
in the form of medicines or functional foods & drinks. Superfoods are not acting as a necessity but a trend followed by the Indians. With the growing demand for nutraceuticals, there is no way back to essential traditional medicines.

Earlier, there were no regulations and guidelines introduced for Nutraceutical companies. However, in
2011, Food Safety and Standard Act 2006 announced a new set of guidelines that included mandatory
licenses and several processes for production.

India might have taken some time to enter the Nutraceutical industry, but it is fair to say that pandemic
has allowed the country to turn the industry with a game-changing growth. People are discarding
traditional way of blindly relying on conventional medicines and relying upon innovative Nutraceutical
products available in numerous forms like gummies, capsules, foods, and drinks, benefitting the
consumers with vitamins, fibers,
minerals, and probiotics.

Written By
DR. R Valavan
Reviewed By
DR. R Valavan
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