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5 Ways to Boost Your Body’s Natural Defenses

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Since we have been dealing with the pandemic for over two years now, taking care of the body’s immunity is not just important, but it’s the need of the hour. In recent times, boosting your body’s natural defence system is given priority over everything else. But how do you boost the body’s natural defenses when you are clueless about how to achieve it?

Understanding Body’s Immune System

Your body has its natural fighting mechanism. It helps in combating the disease-causing viruses and microorganisms. If the immune system fails, the microorganism invades and makes you sick. But there are natural ways to boost your immunity. You can even invest in an immune booster product. These products are helpful to prevent your body from infections and other diseases.

Immune System and Your Age

When you age, the immune system starts becoming weak. That’s when you become vulnerable to infectious diseases, including cancer. The reason for this is not known yet. But scientists believe that reducing T-cells or bone marrow’s inefficiency in producing stem cells can lead to certain diseases. Another possible reason for this may be “micronutrient malnutrition.” It occurs due to a less diverse diet.

How to Strengthen Your Immune System?

It’s interesting to know important ways to boost your immunity. But it often proves elusive for various reasons. The immune system is not a single entity. And, to function well, it needs to be in harmony and balance. For this, you need to make some lifestyle changes.

The researchers are still exploring exercise, age, diet, and other factors for immune response in humans. Meanwhile, you can follow general healthy lifestyle strategies. These are helpful to let the immune system work effectively.

Given below are the five easy ways to boost your body’s natural defense:

1. Stay Active

Exercising every day is a powerful way to boost immunity. When you exercise daily, the body’s white blood cells and antibodies circulate rapidly. It means they can detect viruses and bacteria that intrude into your system. When they act this way, they can reduce your chances of catching infections and getting sick. Moreover, daily exercise elevates your mood while lowering stress hormones.

According to research, the effects of exercise are directly related to virus-fighting capabilities; as per a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, around 1,002 people were surveyed and observed for immune response. People who exercise for at least five days a week had a lesser risk of coming down with cold infections. For, their immune system became healthier with daily workouts.

As a result, if they caught any infection, they reported only less severe symptoms. There are also some protective advantages of sweating after workouts. As per research, the toxins get released from your body when you sweat. And, the raised body temperature also kills germs in their tracks.

However, it would be best if you did exercises in moderation. Just like other things in life, there’s a sweet spot for exercising too. Working out too much can even put your body under stress and depresses the immune system. Therefore, only include 30 to 60 minutes of exercise for most days of a week. Healthy foods and herbal medicine for immunity from reputable brands like Sunova help your body ward off illnesses.

2. Check Your Diet

Around 80% of your body’s immunity is in yogut. So, when the gut is healthy, you are likely to fight off infections better and faster. But when the gut is not healthy, the immune system becomes weaker. And individuals also become vulnerable to various infections and diseases.

Therefore, dieticians suggest focusing on the Mediterranean style of eating. It means you need to have a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, and whole grains. Many nutrients are found in nuts, fatty fish, green vegetables, and olive oil. So, try incorporating them into your diet. This eating pattern is often rich in zinc, vitamin C, and other antioxidants. Hence, these foods help decrease inflammation while fighting the infection.

If adults between 65 and 79 follow this nutrient-rich diet, they are likely to have better immunity. On the other hand, people without a proper diet have poor immunity. Also, reduce meat consumption, especially fried and processed foods. It is because most of these foods are inflammatory.

We suggest having a whole food diet. However, it is also essential to include certain fermented foods in your diet. For instance, you can include kefir, yogurt, miso, and sauerkraut in your regular diet. All these fermented foods help in building up good bacteria in your gut. It also supports a healthy gut that further leads to improved immunity.

3. Reduce Stress Levels

There is a strong association between mental health and immunity. Whenever you are under anxiety or chronic stress, your body is likely to release stress hormones. These stress hormones often suppress immunity. According to certain research, stressed people are more susceptible to the common cold. They are also at risk of catching other infections.

One study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences observed 276 healthy adults. Those were exposed to the cold virus and further monitored for five days in quarantine. The stressed individuals were most likely to produce cytokines (molecules that cause inflammation). They were two times more likely to get sick.

In addition, stressed people are less likely to focus on healthy habits like sleeping properly and eating right. It further affects their immunity. While you cannot avoid stress in life, you can adopt the right strategies to manage stress better.

A 2012 study from the Annals of Internal Medicine observed adults aged 50 and older. The study found that those who indulged in regular exercises and meditation suffered less from a respiratory infection. On the other hand, subjects who didn’t exercise were susceptible to respiratory infection and missed more work days than people who exercised daily.

So, it’s best to indulge in meditation exercise and even include anti-stress supplements in your diet. It helps you improve your overall health by keeping your immune system in good condition.

4. Get Proper Sleep

Sleep is another natural immune system booster. Just like your computer, your immune system also needs proper rest so that it does not become overexerted. Sleep is essential to reboot your body system.

Whenever someone is sleep-deprived, their body releases stress hormones, such as cortisol, to keep you alert and awake. And this suppresses the immune system. But people who often get eight hours of proper sleep have better T cell levels than people who sleep less. Therefore, it is essential to have at least seven to eight hours of sleep every night. People who get seven to eight hours of sleep are less likely to catch colds and other infections than people who sleep less than six hours.

5. Health Supplements

According to available health evidence, deficiency of some essential minerals or vitamins like selenium, iron, copper, zinc, and Vitamin A, C, B6, and E may change the immune responses in animals. While there is no evidence of this in humans, nutrient deficiency is a significant health concern.

If someone is nutrient deficient, they can buy immunity boosters online. It is one good way to improve their immune system. And it also helps improve bodily processes.

Not sure about what health supplements to include in your diet? It’s best to consult a dietician or buy supplements from a trusted company.


Adopting a healthy lifestyle and giving up bad habits are vital for a healthy immune system. Furthermore, focus on adequate nutrients to boost the immune system. Consuming natural supplements from trusted brands like Sunova can quickly solve the issue. Natural supplements provide adequate nutrients and vitamins to your body. When you consume sufficient nutrition that your body requires, your immunity remains in good condition.

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