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5 Benefits of Taking Sunova Garcinia Cambogia

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In today’s era of increasing knowledge and awareness, more and more people have become conscious of their health, lifestyle, and their weight. While people starved themselves to lose their extra kilos until a few years back, people have now understood that simply not eating is not going to help them manage their weight. The focus has now shifted to an active lifestyle and healthy weight management supplements. 

People now attempt a variety of physical exercises to manage their health and maintain fitness. Recent years have seen a surge in the number of people attending Zumba and dance classes, going to the gym, jogging and walking, or joining a Yoga class. These are all far healthier alternatives than taking erratic fad diets that may or may not be effective at all. 

Similarly, while people earlier used to simply cut off significant portions of their meals in the hope that they would stay fit, now the attention has shifted to healthy weight management supplements. These weight management supplements are mostly organic and herbal-based and therefore appeal to people for being safe and gentle in their actions. 

The common herbal options that have gained popularity in recent years are green tea, green coffee beans, garcinia cambogia extract, honey, and lemon tea, etc. You may be aware of someone around you trying one of these to manage their weight. You may even have employed one of these yourselves. Let us discuss one of the most effective weight management herbal supplements, that is, Garcinia cambogia extract.

What is Garcinia cambogia extract?

Garcinia cambogia is an extract obtained from the dried fruit of the Garcinia cambogia tree, which is a flowering tree found mainly in Southern Asia. The active ingredient in Garcinia cambogia extract is hydroxycitric acid or HCA. HCA is mainly responsible for the lipid regulating properties of Garcinia cambogia. Brands sell this Garcinia cambogia extract packed with HCA either as a powder or in the form of capsules. Both are easily available in India as well as western countries. 

Let us now shift our attention to the benefits of Garcinia cambogia extract.

Benefits of Garcinia cambogia extract as a weight management supplement

Garcinia cambogia extract, being an herbal and organic product, has multiple benefits and impacts many systems of the body. Let us look at these one by one. 

Weight management

The primary effect that has brought Garcinia cambogia into focus is, of course, its weight management properties. The hydroxycitric acid that is the active principle of Garcinia cambogia extract is known to regulate fat metabolism. It enhances fat oxidation and thereby regulates lipid levels.

Additionally, it also regulates hunger and controls appetite, thus reducing the intake of comfort food. This way, its regular use can help to control one’s weight and maintain fitness.

Regulation of cholesterol levels and thereby blood pressure

Evidence has pointed to the fact that a regular intake of Garcinia cambogia extract can help regulate cholesterol metabolism and prevent cholesterol deposits in the arteries. This way, it also benefits the blood pressure and maintains BP levels. It also has some diuretic properties which make it an effective regulator of blood pressure. Garcinia cambogia extract is therefore beneficial not only for managing weight but also for maintaining fitness.

Garcinia cambogia extract works as a detoxifier

Regular intake of Garcinia cambogia extract can help to flush out toxins from the body. It favorably impacts the liver and helps detoxify the body. Just as it benefits the blood pressure with its diuretic properties, similarly these properties also help in detoxifying the body.

Garcinia cambogia extract is beneficial for anemics

Studies have shown a positive impact of Garcinia cambogia extract on anemics, especially those with iron deficiency anemia. This is because Garcinia cambogia extract is a rich source of iron. It thereby helps in synthesis of blood cells and helps counter anemia. Regular intake of Garcinia cambogia extract can improve symptoms of iron deficiency anemia such as breathlessness, dizziness, lethargy, fatigue, etc.

Garcinia cambogia extract is an effective stress buster

Garcinia cambogia extract helps to increase the serotonin levels produced by the body. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter responsible for elevating our mood. Low levels of serotonin can cause sadness, anxiety, and depression.

An increase in serotonin levels boosted by Garcinia cambogia extracts helps to keep depressive thoughts at bay and provide spirit and energy to the body. It is therefore an effective stress buster and helps to manage anxiety symptoms. 

It is clear that Garcinia cambogia extract is packed with benefits for both body and mind. As studies continue to understand its utility and efficacy, we are sure to find out more of its uses.

How to take Garcinia cambogia extract?

In order to employ Garcinia cambogia extract to manage one’s weight and achieve fitness, one must take it regularly and methodically.

The extract is available in the market either as a powder or in the form of capsules. Check for the recommended dosage of the product you have purchased. Different brands may sell different dosages of the extract, and it is important to adhere to their guidelines so as to not overdose. The safe upper limit of its intake is around 1500 mg per day.

The best time to take Garcinia cambogia extract is one hour before meals.

How to procure Garcinia cambogia extract?

It is easy to obtain Garcinia cambogia extract in the Indian market. The product is available both online and in pharmacies under different brand names. You can buy garcinia cambogia extract that is genuine and free of contamination at Sunova.

Side effects of Garcinia cambogia extract

It is important to adhere to the dosage recommendation of the product you are taking. Although side effects are not generally manifested, high dosage may cause complications.

It is generally advised to take Garcinia cambogia extract for 12 weeks at a stretch and then discontinue use for a while, as the effects of a longer use are not well known.

Garcinia cambogia extract may interfere with certain medications that you may be on. If you are taking medicines like antidepressants, iron supplements, diabetes medications, and warfarin, it is best to check with your doctor if this extract is safe for you. In general, if one is on any chronic medication then herbal supplements ought to be cleared by their doctor before use.


To conclude, the benefits of Garcinia cambogia extract are many, and it can be adopted in one’s routine to live a healthier and fitter life. With due attention paid to the dosage and contra-indications, one can get the best out of this herbal supplement to manage their weight and health in general. 

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