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13 Benefits of Ancient Herbal Supplements for Stamina and Health

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Herbal supplements have enjoyed a strong hold in the Indian household since time immemorial. Home remedies and herbal solutions to health problems have now systematically evolved into an organized system of traditional medicine.

Today, herbal supplements available in the market are quality checked, and their manufacture and sale are well regulated. Also, a variety of brands cater to the demand for herbal supplements and there exist a herbal solution to almost all health problems.

Herbal Supplements for Stamina & Health

Today, the focus has shifted from secondary treatment of diseases to primary prevention. As the old age saying goes, prevention is better than health. People today are focused on improving their health status to keep infections and diseases at bay.

Maintaining a healthy mode of living and an efficient immune system ensures that the number of infections that attack us is limited.

Our stamina and vitality are also largely dependent on our diet and lifestyle. Improving our dietary intake and maintaining healthy lifestyle habits can help significantly in enhancing our stamina, vitality, and health.

Along with these measures, the addition of an appropriate herbal supplement can do wonders in improving our health status and elevating our quality of life.

Herbal supplements have numerous benefits when taken regularly and in the right dose. Let us have a look at these benefits in detail.

1. Herbal Supplements Elevate Mood & Reduce Depressive Symptoms

Herbal medicines help in providing a sense of well-being. The active principles in many herbs help elevate serotonin levels and thereby elevate the mood. These also help tackle depressive symptoms.

As regular use improves the physical health of an individual, the positive effect is seen on the mental and emotional sphere also.

Herbs like ashwagandha and ginseng are particularly known for such mood-elevating effects.

2. Herbal Supplements Act As Stress Busters

Many herbal supplements are enriched with herbs such as chamomile, valerian, etc. which help in lowering the stress levels of an individual.

These herbs soothe frazzled nerves, provide tranquillity and lower anxiety and stress. Many of these herbs are taken in the form of teas that have a calming effect.

Regular use has been known to improve symptoms of anxiety disorders and depression.

3. Herbal Supplements Are Strongly Immune Boosting

Herbal supplements have a strong immune boosting power. These are efficient at stimulating our immune systems to fight better and stronger.

Often, they fulfil the inherent deficiencies that a person may be having. Studies have repeatedly shown the efficacy of herbs such as turmeric, ginseng, neem, tulsi, garlic and many others in improving the immune efficiency of a person.

4. Herbal Supplements Improve Sleep

Sleep is an underrated blessing. A good night’s sleep not only recharges and rejuvenates the individual, but the body also heals and repairs its damaged tissues during sleep.

During sleep, many vital processes to maintain health are carried out. A disturbed sleep leads to many physical and mental problems. Unfortunately, in today’s stressful times, peaceful sleep evades us.

Taking herbal supplements regularly can significantly improve the quality of life and benefits can be clearly seen.

5. Herbal Supplements Boost Cognitive Abilities Of Brain

Herbal supplements are proven to boost the cognitive abilities of the brain. They enhance memory, promote learning and brain development in children and sharpen mental acuity and wellness.

Herbs like Brahmi are well known for their action in the mental sphere. These also help improve motor skills.

6. Herbal Supplements Improve Sexual Health & Fertility

When we say that herbal supplements provide stamina, this also improves sexual stamina. Many Indian herbs are well known for their beneficial action in the sexual sphere.

Ashwagandha and Musli are two popular examples. These help in boosting vitality and vigour and increase sexual stamina and endurance.

Some sexual problems like erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation can also be benefitted by selecting the best ayurvedic medicine for stamina.

7. Herbal Supplements Improve Health In General

From boosting immunity to providing stamina and vitality, the overall effect of regular ayurvedic supplements can be seen as an improvement in the health status in general.

The person can overcome the challenges of health and infections more efficiently, and mental health also flourishes.

As the diet, sleep and digestion improve, it is only logical that the person feels better, healthier, more active and alert.

8. Herbal Supplements Prevent Pain & Inflammation

There is a vast range of Indian herbs that are known to reduce inflammation and fight infections. Anti-inflammatory herbs provide benefits in problems of joint troubles significantly.

Turmeric is one of the best examples of an anti-inflammatory herb. These herbs help to reduce inflammation not only in acute injuries, but they also fight chronic inflammatory disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis. As inflammation is reduced, pain is also relieved to a significant extent.

9. Herbal Supplements Heal Skin Troubles & Provide Glow

The claim that we have heard from our grandmothers that applying herbs like rose and turmeric on our face would give us a natural glow is certainly not false.

Many herbs have a strong detoxifying effect that helps promote healing and also enhance tissue regeneration and repair.

When applied locally, some of these herbs also have an exfoliating and cleansing effect which further improves the texture of the skin.

10. Herbal Supplements Are Often Discreetly Available

For needs such as sexual wellness, the option to buy herbal supplements discreetly is much appreciated by customers.

Today, this feature has extended to the online sphere and people can now easily order their products of choice without having to step outside or visit a pharmacy.

11. Herbal Supplements Rarely Have Any Side Effects

Herbs are health promoting and beneficial substances. When taken in the form of genuine supplements that are quality checked and free of contamination, they improve health in all spheres.

Authentic products that are manufactured from organic source materials do not cause any side effects. Since these supplements are free of chemicals and synthetic materials, they do not cause any harm.

Some herbal supplements may be contra-indicated in certain conditions such as pregnancy, lactation, etc. These warnings are clearly depicted on the supplements and should be paid attention to.

For people taking chronic allopathic medications, it is best to consult your doctor before beginning any health supplements.

12. Herbal Supplements Do Not Cause Dependence

A major drawback of allopathic medications for chronic health troubles is that these medicines over time cause the body to be dependent on them for survival.

Gradually, the same dose of medicine begins to prove ineffective and greater doses are required. At this stage withdrawing such medicines becomes difficult as the flare-up of symptoms is severe.

Herbal supplements do not cause this problem usually. They cause no dependence and flare up of symptoms is generally not seen when these supplements are withdrawn.

Therefore, these are a good option for our everyday health problems rather than taking allopathic medications for all acute and chronic health troubles.

13. Herbal Supplements Are Relatively Cheaper Than Allopathic Drugs

While this may not always be the case, this holds true in general. Herbal supplements are often found to cost lesser than their allopathic counterparts, and also may last longer than those medicines.

We have seen a comprehensive list of benefits that are experienced when one switches to the traditional method of treatment.

Different health conditions may require a different kind of herbal supplements, and those provide at least some of the benefits listed above.

However, it is also important to remember that there are contra-indications and precautions with everything. With herbal supplements also, bear in mind the following points before you begin any ayurvedic formulation.

Precautions To Be Taken Before Taking Herbal Supplements

1. Herbal Supplements Cannot Be A Substitute For First Aid

Certain medical conditions and emergencies require immediate medical intervention, for example, a stroke, a heart attack, etc.

In these conditions, the right method of action is to immediately seek medical assistance and rush the patient to the nearest medical center.

Losing valuable time in such conditions to try out herbal solutions is not recommended, even though some herbs are known to have immediate physiological effects.

2. Dosage Must Be Strictly Adhered To

Although herbal supplements are not known to cause major side effects, overdosing is never recommended. Always check for the adequate dose mentioned on the product, or as your doctor.

3. Check The Quality Of The Herbal Supplement

With increasing demand, plenty of manufacturers have floated their products in the market. Unfortunately, not all of these may be authentic or quality controlled.

Look for certified and quality checked products and see their ingredients and raw materials. Products free from synthetic chemicals are always a better option than those with artificial ingredients.

4. Check For Contra-Indications

If you are a pregnant or nursing woman, or have been taking allopathic medications for a prolonged time (for example, for diabetes mellitus or blood pressure), then it is best to consult your doctor before starting any herbal supplement.

5. Discontinue If You Notice Any Side Effects

Although side effects with herbal supplements are uncommon, some people may develop some adverse effects or may even be allergic to some of the components in rare cases.

In such an instance, it is recommended that you discontinue usage of the product immediately.

Look for alternative brands or talk to your doctor about what may better suit you.

6. Know When To Discontinue Use

Regular intake of herbal supplements is associated with improved health in physical and mental spheres as well as an enhanced immunity.

However, the supplement should be discontinued after a few months of use, once the benefits have clearly set in. They can be resumed after a short gap, or as per the advice of your physician.

Some Common Herbs That Help Enhance Stamina & Vigor

  • Ashwagandha: This is a popular herb that provides stamina, vitality and boosts immunity. It is also known to be a stress buster that improves the quality of sleep.
  • Brahmi: Brahmi is known to improve brain function, enhance memory and learning skills and sooth the nerves. It provides vitality and energy and helps cope with stress.
  • Shilajit: This herb not only improves energy levels but it is also known to enhance male sexual endurance and stamina.
  • Shavatari: This herb provides energy and vitality and is especially beneficial to women. It is also a strong antioxidant that improves immunity.
  • Ginseng: This is a popular herb that provides energy and boosts immune efficiency. It reduces fatigue and fights stress also.
  • Ginkgo Biloba: This herb is also known to provide energy and vitality. It improves memory and brain function and is an efficient immune booster.
  • Tulsi: Perhaps one of the most versatile in its scope, Tulsi is an excellent immune booster. It enhances energy and vitality, acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, promotes blood formation, and helps fight viral infections.


The scope of ayurvedic herbal supplements is vast. Selecting the right supplement and combining it with a good diet and healthy lifestyle can help improve our quality of life significantly.


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